Monday, 31 January 2011

Scottish Facebook Takeover!!

Classic Ned with Mera peak Berghaus and "kery oot"
So last night has got to be the funniest nights on Facebook I've seen in a while,  just get this in here before I finnish the rest of the story, In Scotland a Ned is a Non-Educated Delinquent it's the equivalent of an English Chav/Yob or the American equivalent to a little ass hole teenager who goes out o the streets at night and drinks then goes home and gets there ass kicked by there parents.

Anyway, so early evening yesterday I seen the start of the takeover "The awkward moment a ned thinks it's cool to tuck his trakies into his socks" which made me chuckle, I went away for an hour or so to come back to an explosion of Facebook pages; "Dropping yer wayne off at primary school, then runin back to school so you don't miss your math exam", "Attacking bus drivers because the don't believe you're a half fare". Obviously I'm translating them into proper english, because only a true Scot would understand. I'll just explain they two pages; the first one jokes about the fact that many Scottish teenagers get pregnant at a young age and that they're starting school when they're mum is just finishing school. The second one plays on the fact that when Scottish teenagers turn 16 many still ask for half fares on the bus.

So that was my first real blog, how did i do?

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