Monday, 31 January 2011

Gary: Tank Commander

Just legendary, two words which describes the show that just finished on BBC 1 Scotland. 

The show is about 4 Scottish boys who've patrolled Iraq and Afghanistan, it's based around when they come back and are doing TA tasks.

Anyway tonights show was just top notch, at the start we find out that there is a possibility that Barrack Obama, who Gary nicknames Barry O B, is attending a climate control meeting in Scotland. It then shows the boys on foot patrol around fields, Gary being the gullible loveable character spots "a bugs bunny rabbit" which turn out to be a family wanting to bring a message of peace to Obama but proceed to be arrested by Gary and the gang. Through the episode they reveal  that the present of peace is a tapestry with Obamas face on it, towards the end of the episode there is a police escort which is hinted that it's for Obamas. Gary proceeds to give him the tapestry, he then gives it back and tells him that Obama has only 1 "m".

This is just a quick run through of the episode but honestly it's a great tv show and deserves to be broadcasted in all of Britain.

If you want to watch the episode or the rest of the Gary, click here

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