Thursday, 24 February 2011


We use it on a daily basis, but where does it come from?

Obviously it is understood that the definitive meaning is fornication,

But how did it reach this,

Well in days of Yore, Judges would refer to prostitutes as people who would Fornicate Under Consensual Knowledge.

So in a court case, the Judge would shorten this "Bailiff bring in the F.U.C.K-ers"

From there on the act of physical love has been referred to as Fucking,


Holy Sheet Edible, Playable FUCKING AWESOME Angry Birds Cake!!!

So you're sitting playing Angry Birds on your iPhone and you think,

"I could eat these birds" well ponder no more

this kids dad made him an Angry Birds cake, I'll let the video do the rest of the talking

Yeah I Want To Read An Email From Past, I'm Not Being Sarcastic I Actually Do!!

Have you ever wanted to send yourself an email, and no not your boring present day self,

an email sent from the past, well today is your lucky day just set up an account, write an email pick a destination and when that email hits 88mph you're going to see some serious shit.

I mean pick a dat you want to receive it and boom send, then all you have to do is wait...

well you can do other things but then you can check your email when it's the date you choose.

I'm Dead Sexy!!!

I don't even know what this is, but yeah email this guy for some more sexy belly action

Wheezy Waiter!!

As far as YouTubers go, NigaHiga and shaycarl are up there,

But next in line is the asthmatic food server, i mean Wheezy Waiter,

The mixture of randomness and fun filled songs, this guy is hilarious.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Joker vs. Flame Boy.

Most people don't know the true story behind the rivalry between Flame Boy and The Joker, humanity thinks that reason behind this is that Flame Boy is Batman's 2nd cousin on his mothers side, well humanity is wrong The Joker has hated Flame Boy as far back as Princess Diana's paper anniversary. But why, where, how? All these questions will be answered in due time, but first we must deduce who these two characters are. Let's start with Flame Boy, a young man growing up in East Sussex, Fla Mebo was known for his Couldn't Give a Crap attitude but that very same attitude was his downfall. You see Fla was what one would call a Pyromaniac, he enjoyed playing with pirates, one day Blackbeard and Fla where chilling out, and Fla decided to start tickling Mr. Beard, one thing lead to another and the cigar Blackbeard was smoking accidentally lit Fla's gasoline based hair gel on fire. He ran about screaming which, in Blackbeard's eyes, was hilarious. Blackbeard came up with the name Flame Boy, wait a minute if you add a y into Fla Mebo you get Flame Boy, sorry I side tracked there. The Joker on the other hand is the arch enemy of Batman. Now we know the story of both The Joker and Flame Boy, I can now finish the main story, as young children they were the best of friends until one day The Joker took Flame Boy's building blocks, which didn't make him happy, so shit got serious and a fight broke out, both of their parents didn't stop it, the bet on it. The fight went on for years until one day they forgot what it was they were fighting about and just stopped…

The Joker one day remembered and text Flame Boy about but he never heard back, and that is why there us an Ultimate Rivalry between the two.

TL;DR they hate each other

Update on the Situation!

No not the situation from Jersey Shore,

The blog situation, so i said in the past that i would post so many times a week and on wednesdays i would do wallpapers. But no i'll blog how i like,

So just sit back relax and follow along!!

iPad 2 or iPad HD or Whatever, It's the 2nd generation iPad!!!

Holy shit, it's like the second coming of Jesus, except IT'S FUCKING AWESOME.

It was all just rumours until today, Apple sent out invitations for March 2nd,

Obviously Gizmodo won't be invited, you know because of the whole iPhone 4 scenario.

But on a more serious matter judging by the rumours this thing sounds sweet, and i'll probably be purchasing one.

More on the subject as it progresses


The title describes it all i am a failure.

21 days ago was my last post, i am almost as disgusted as you.

Anyway let's look past this, and get on with our lives.

I will try to blog promise :D

Thursday, 3 February 2011

I Fail :(

So on the first day of blogging I said i would try to blog at least 5 times a day, well I think I've successfully failed at that.

I decided that as long as i post once a day I'll be happy :D But if it's a good day and I'm in blogging mood I'll blog like a Portuguese lol

Classic Cartoons

Everyone has got that one cartoon that takes them back to there childhood, whether it be Scooby Doo or Pokemon, we all have this.

Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry do this for me, especially the Looney Tunes with Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner. But recently I seen an episode of Tom and Jerry, a new one, where there was no violence, none, the closest was a snowball fight. Which made me think what is wrong with the world? I mean I was shown Tom and Jerry with violence and I grew up to be normal, but nowadays kids will grow up to smothered by there parents.

So here's to the normal kids who actually enjoy mice hitting cats in the face with an ironing board.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Angry Birds is Legendary

I usually don't buy apps on my iPhone, I just get the free apps (because I'm a cheap bastard).

But after downloading the free version of Angry Birds, I was so addicted I had to buy it. And it was worth it, I can't tell you how many times I ran my battery down while playing it. It's one of those puzzle like games which just mesmerises me.

In my honest opinion if you don't have it go to the App Store and buy it NOW!! or not just really up to you.

Wallpaper Wednesday!

Wallpaper Wednesday is an idea I got from Lifehacker.

Basically I'm going pick a subject every wednesday and upload 5 wallpapers, I'm not forcing anyone to use the wallpapers but I'm just suggesting is all.

To kick off Wallpaper Wednesday I'll start with something every one likes, Chicks;

-Cheryl Cole
-Megan Fox
-Katy Perry
-Pixie Lott

That was the first of Wallpaper Wednesday hope you got a new wallpaper.

Original Wallpaper Wednesday

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


The sweaty comedian has to be on of the most influential people in my life.

I've seen every one of live shows, and twice missed out to see him live, to my disappointment. Honestly if anyone wanted a Lee Evans impressionist, not saying that i look like "monkey boy", but I could probably do his live show with little or no practice.

Why all the Lee Evans chat? He's on Comedy Central right now, and I'm currently pissing myself laughing :D


When you're bored and you have nothing left to do on the web, we all have a little shot on Omegle or Chat Roulette. But why? To see guys cocks? Nah it's for the pure entertainment of Middle Eastern trying to get girls to show tits or getting called a goth because you have long hair.

Anyway I go on to it out of pure boredom and for a giggle.

Steve Jobs.

It's been in the news that Steve Jobs has taken a leave of absence from Apple, which is truly gutting for a fan of the Apple products like myself and to honour the legend himself here's a infograph, enjoy;

Steroscopic Images!

Steroscopic Image of Random Aircraft Carrier
You may have seen images like this claiming to be 3D, and I know you always think how can this be 3D? I know this because I've been there.

But never fear, as I have cracked it!

You can see the 3D image by crossing your eyes. Crossing your eyes? Well not exactly crossing them, your left eye looks at the right image and your right eye looks at the left. Confusing? Yeah I was too but, you can get a basic explanation here.

Now you can watch any 3D video on youtube without glasses, gloat over all your friends who can't.

MysteryGuitarMan's Explanation of How to Set 3D Videos on Youtube!
Freddiew's 3DS Parody!