Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ever Wanted To Trade a Paper Clip For a House?

I know you've just read that title and went, What chu' talkin' 'bout Willis?

but a Montreal man, that sounds like a super hero name "Montreal Man to the rescue!", did trade a paper clip for a house, not a straight house-paper clip swap, but he swap one thing for something else and so on and so forth,

Montreal Man has power to swap small useless items for large useful items, he's perfect for the Justice League.
And here he is,  Montreal Man in front of the house!
Fuck it, any one a strip of duct tape?

Here's the guys blog if you want to read more


  1. Macgyver and Montreal man would be the most deadly combo in the history of man, and they would work directly under Chuck Norris.

  2. Yeah, there's a guy from my country (England) who did this. He started with a dozen eggs and just kept trading up.

    Now he's a landowner in Belguim and still wants to carry on. If he continues at this rate he'll soon be supreme emperor of earth.

  3. I heard of that story awhile back. Amazing.